Flood Alert System 3

fas3Designed by Houston flood expert, Dr. Philip Bedient at Rice University from 1997 to 2015, with assistance from Dr. Nick Fang and Dr. Baxter Vieux, the Flood Alert System (FAS3) is an integrated system that predicts inundation levels caused by heavy rainfall events in order to provide lead-time for flood-response decisions.  

What’s Different about FAS3?

The National Weather Service only issues warning by county. The FAS3 is designed to provide its users more specific flood warnings by monitoring key watersheds. Moreover, the FAS3 is interactive and provides real time updates available every five minutes through state of the art servers that allow for extreme traffic visits and a back-up monitoring system in Oklahoma.


FAS3 Key Features:

·      Prediction Capability- Provides on average 2 to 3 hours lead-time predictions of maximum flood conditions.  

·      Highly Accurate- 80-90% prediction accuracy on peak water flows and timing.

·      Automatic Emergency Alerts- Automatic notification provided to emergency personnel to ensure lead-time for flood-response decisions.

·      Accessible- The FAS website is accessible from any device with Internet access.

·      Reliable- Back up servers ensure results even during power outages. 

·      Track Record of Success- Proven results for over 50 major storm events, including Tropical Storm Allison (2001) and Hurricane Ike (2008).

·      State-of-the-Art Technology- Real-time NEXRAD radar-rainfall, advanced hydrologic and hydraulic modeling.

·      Expandable- FAS3 has been expanded to City of Sugar Land and TxDOT, and it can be made available in any community.


CURRENT USERSTexas Medical Center, TxDOT & City of Sugar Land. FAS3 can be deployed to any community.

Visit the Official Flood Alert System Website: http://fas3.flood-alert.org

Learn more about the FAS system and how it works by reading our recent FAS3 Flyer.

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